Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Death of Epoxy Flooring- It's Really That Bad

Failed Epoxy Floor
Polyaspartic technology is the only technology we use for our customer’s decorative coating needs. Epoxy coatings are simply outdated.  That begs the question; Why do so many installers continue to use a substandard products?  You guessed it...It saves THEM money! Why would you used a product tht's not UV stable, has less abraision wear resistance,has less elongation, is prone to hot tire peel, and is not mechanically bonded to the substrate?  I have done the research on my competitors "Systems" which somehow promise and lead you to beleive that "Thicker is better"...of course failing to mention that thicker costs more and leaves more on your floor to fail. In addition an Epoxy base coat with a urethane top coat, or even a polyaspartic top coat, fails to meet the proper mechanical bond required for a high performance floor coating. Folks don't beleve the hype or trip into the pitfalls of fancy systems, special processes, and fancy names.  When mixed together and applied to concrete polyaspartic forms today’s most durable, weather resistant technology – for concrete in, firehouses and EMS buildings, garage flooring, commercial, industrial flooring, retail storefront flooring and customer service areas.
As you can see from the schematic the deep penetrating seal of the base coat is crucial to the mechanical bond achieved by polyaspartics. Epoxy simply fails to achive that bond and in addition is not UV stable, is not as elastic as polyaspartics, has less abraision wear resistance, is prone to hot tire picks up and sometimes requires DAYS more to dry.

Polyaspartic is clear, but can also be tinted with color pigment, added chip, or quartz media for a decorative finish. The formula originally developed by Bayer ™ material sciences was used for painting or coating steel and concrete and was used on bridges, tanker ships, off shore oil rigs, and other heavy commercial uses to prevent corrosion from salt water, weather and harsh chemicals.
The outstanding performance and long-life durability led to research and development of today’s formulation used on concrete surfaces.
In 2006, pioneers in the polyaspartic industry found that when concrete was prepared properly the base coat would wet and absorb into the surface like water into a sponge. (100% Epoxy CAN NOT do that) The mid coat then fills the capillaries or pores and combines with the surface of the concrete floor; permanently bonding the concrete to the coating system.
This results in no delamination failures; unlike epoxy coatings that adhere on top of the surface like Velcro and can, and will delaminate resulting in a failed floor. Polyspartic, if blended properly, will tolerate, with no negative reaction, two conditions that always exist in concrete, moisture and alkalinity.
At the point of contact to the surface, moisture is a bond-breaker and alkalinity, over time, will delaminate and fail your decorative coated floor. This technology has solved a three-decade old challenge of coating failure. In the past years, three factors of success have come to the forefront in the coatings industry – preparation, experience, and training of the applicator/contractor. These factors will determine the success, and longevity of your coating project. Contact us today for a free Estimate on the last floor you'll ever need.  (910) 574-5547


  1. This technology has solved a three-decade old challenge of coating failure.


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  5. with no negative reaction, two conditions that always exist in concrete, moisture and alkalinity. Master Epoxy Flooring

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