Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why should I resurface instead of replace?

It costs less to renew by resurfacing than to replace your current surface. Resurfacing with one of our many products is less expensive than most replacement options. Second, replacement usually means damage to landscape and other disturbances. We don't tear things out, dig holes or create piles of dirt and debris...we refresh and renew surfaces. Our products resist stains such as oil, and salt damage. The surface will be much stronger and more durable than ordinary concrete.
Give Ordinary Looking Concrete New Meaning And Purpose
  • Savings of up to 50% when compared to replacement options
  • Installation with minimal disturbance and inconvenienve
  • Applications from 1 inch thick to the thinness of a dime
  • Insulation value both cool and warm
  • Special non-skid surfaces available
  • Comprehensive, flexural, tensile and sheer bond adhesion that is twice the strength of ordinary concrete
  • Endless colors, designs, textures and patterns
  • Endures Northern Michigan freeze-thaw cycles
  • Lasting solution to high traffic areas

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    I like very much your valuable information and check again here frequently.
    Concrete resurfacing is an easy and economical way to add appeal and value to your home. Concrete resurfacing can make your outdoor areas look like new.

    Thank You.