Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why should I bother to put anything on my concrete surface if I am happy with the natural appearance of it?

While concrete is a very durable product it does deteriorate over time. As you can see from this photo over time your concrete will begin to fail. Now, your probably thinking this is an extreme case and that your concrete wouldn't experience as much traffic and therefore it wouldn't show signs of wear but take note of homes where concrete patios are exposed to the downspout off the roof.. This area almost always reveals a place where the underlying aggregate is exposed. Naturally it is more common on an older home because this is a process that tears down your concrete slowly and you might not notices it as easily on a newer home...but the same principal applies whether it is a residential patio, a department store loading dock or your concrete driveway or garage, the best way to assure yourself of years of aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound surfaces is to protect those surfaces. With all that in mind, do not be fooled into thinking that because your home is new you will not have a problem, inspect your exterior surfaces for signs of deterioration and if you see rough spots or exposed aggregate then a coating might be right for you. Coat your concrete, it is not only a beautiful thing to do, it is a smart thing to do.

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