Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whats the best way to clean my new Rhino Fast Floor Floor?

We recommend a simple broom and bucket with a non-abrasive, gentle cleaner like amonia.  A prime cleaning agent would be a citrus based cleanser/degreaser. A very small amount is needed just a few capfils in a 5 gallon bucket. Never use harsh chemicals or bleach. They wont hurt your floor but they are "surfactants" wich will leave a film on your floor. Your new Rhino Fast Floor is resistant to stains and for that reason will be much easier to clean than your tradition floor coverings so a simple broom and squeegee should be perfect for most conditions.  For high traffic and industrial areas it is perfectly acceptable to hose it down or pressure wash it. Although all of our coatings are chemical resistant, it is not necessary, nor is it recommended to routinely clean your floor with harsh chemical cleansers. As a general rule a broom and squeegee is all you will need in most circumstances. Be sure to ask us for a Cleaning sheet when you purchase one of our floors.


  1. Thanks for this post, this floor is looking very nice, with the help of non slip floor coating we can keep it safe even when it wet.

  2. Great details about floor cleaning and polishing, this floor is like epoxy floor and concrete stained floor.
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