Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fathers Day!!

Father’s Day has recently come and gone, but let’s face it; whenever it’s Saturday it’s Father’s day, whenever boxes start toppling over in the garage…it’s Father’s day, and when Dad spends hours rubbing his beard and contemplating the kitchen…it is Father’s day. Remodel ideas are coming on faster than lighters at a Rolling Stones concert. 39% of Americans agree that the garage needs remodeling.

Garage. With all these ideas flooding his mind on a daily basis, Dad will accumulate tools for that “someday” project, and he’ll keep every scrap piece of wood from the last project for possible future projects. All these tools and materials will undoubtedly pile up in the garage, especially if they are unorganized. And you know he’s considered putting in a work bench and tool shelves and wall hooks and more shelving there. So give dad a little nudge into the garage. It’s an easy, practical remodel and will free up a lot of usable space so it benefits everyone in the house.
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