Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't be Fooled!

A major home improvement store offers a 2-coat "Premium Floor Coating" at $2.25per square foot, however, they include the thickness of the flakes as part of their overall finished thickness. They also have a square foot minimum of 500 sq ft. This means that their "Premium Package" is actually 8-12 mils and for a 2 car garage thats $1125.00 and less than half the thickness of our floors and it is not turn key. This same Home Improvement Company charges extra for crack repair and non-skid additiv and by the time you add those into the price your paying the same thing as you are with us except your getting twice the thickness, durability and product. The flakes included at the home improvement store are added to the top coat and are therefore left exposed, rather than encapsulated, so that the overall durability of your coating is then only as strong as the flakes themselves. Trust us, you dont want that.