Thursday, July 1, 2010

Add Valuable Living Space to Your Home

Your garage can add valuable living space to your home. The garage can easily convert into a home office, artist studio, home gym or recreation area with much less expense than building an addition. Depending on your needs, you can convert the entire space or just half of a two-car garage.

The Basics
It's important to protect the value of your home by maintaining its style and construction quality throughout. Resist the temptation to cut corners on flooring and wall solutions. Your renovated garage floor should be level with those of the rest of the house. The method used to cover the garage door opening should look professional and match the rest of the house as well.

When converting an exterior structure such as a garage into living or working space, make sure that it's properly insulated. Inexpensive batt insulation can be installed fairly easily before installing drywall. For garages with drywall already installed, blown-in insulation may be the best option.
Americans Agree the Garage is the area that
needs Most Improvement

Work SpaceAs the job market changes, more and more people are deciding to work from home. To create a private work space with minimal expense, a garage conversion is a great option. Once your flooring, insulation and walls are completed, your home office is almost ready to go. You simply need a desk, shelves, filing cabinets, a phone line and Internet access. Other work space options include a workshop or artist's studio.

No matter the type of work space you choose, lighting is an important issue. Explore energy-efficient florescent lights as well as adjustable rail lighting for directional lights. Painting your ceiling with light reflective paint will also lighten up your space.
Workout Center

Exercise rooms are another popular garage renovation option. Add a treadmill, an exercise bike, weights or a yoga area. Include a stereo system and a wall-mounted television for music and workout DVDs, and consider a mini-fridge to keep cold sports drinks handy.

Of course, your workout equipment is the most important part of any exercise room. Using shoddy equipment is a good way to discourage yourself from exercising. To stay motivated, invest in the highest quality equipment you can afford.

Entertainment RoomFor some, a home game room is an entertaining dream come true. Include a pool table, foosball table, pinball machine, or video game system along with a mini-fridge or home bar.

For movie and sports fans, a home theater is another option. Invest in a large-screen television, surround sound and theater seating to convert your unused garage space into a great entertainment room.

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