Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do It Yourself ??????

Hot tire Peel from Substandard Epoxy

I've seen products for self installation, why shouldn't I try to do it myself?

It is true that you can purchase epoxy-flooring materials from a retail vendor and with some practice and experience it is possible you could install your own epoxy flooring and/or other flooring materials. However, self installation is not recommended in commercial settings. If you are seeking a professional high end result that will remain effective for the longest duration possible and serve as an efficient and successful deterrant to slips and falls with optimal visual appeal then professional installation is recommended.

HERE'S WHY: Among some of the problems with self installation are inadequate instruction, decreased product support, costly equipment rental and less than expected results.

The products you as a consumer are able to purchase at a do it yourself improvement store are a weaker version of the industrial products we use at Rhino Pro Flooring. Our distributors actually require factory certification just to be able to buy these materials. We use the same materials on the floor at your home as we use in industrial applications where forklifts are used and auto mechanic shops.

Epoxy flooring in particular is difficult to install due to its consistency and the nature of its installation and curing process. Did you know that some epoxy systems can begin to cure within 30 minutes and if you don’t get your application perfect before the product begins to cure your whole job is subject to ruin?

Another common problem with self-installation is improper preparation of existing flooring which can drastically reduce the performance of products made specifically for the general handyman and sold at retail outlets. Rhino Pro Flooring we use only the highest quality comercial grade products and equipment. Our installation crews are knowledgeable and professional. Self-installation often ends with results that require professional correction which also means additional cost to the initial project. Do you really want to risk your time and money only to end up with a finished product that will not adhere properly to your existing floor and find out that your product warranty is void because of improper installation?

With Rhino Pro Flooring you can expect a crew of trained professionals to install high quality products using heavy duty commercial equipment and expertise. We are able to see problems before they arise and are able to implement procedures for optimal results based on your specific flooring conditions. Hazards such as chemically treated surfaces and/or oil and grease penetrated surfaces can drastically alter text book installation causing horrific results unless professionally applied. When you hire Rhino Pro Flooring you are employing experienced trained professionals who have been there done that and you can rest easy knowing the results will be superior!

Floor and surface preparation includes such tedious details as sanding, scraping, old surface removal, resurfacing, leveling, and chemical correction and, that's just part of what it takes to get the floor prepared for its new finish.
With Rhino Pro Flooring you know that the products are properly mixed and that curing compound ratios are at optimal percentages for durability and long wear. Rhino Pro Flooring takes the guesswork out of determining how much product is needed for the most advantageous flooring finishes as required to meet your specific needs.
With Slip Free Systems you will not find yourself standing in front of an equipment dealer trying to determine the proper tools for the job, not to mention the stress and hassle of pick up and return much less cost and operation of tools and equipment that can be difficult to locate much less maneuver and operate.

Before you attempt to entertain the idea of installing your own epoxy flooring we encourage you to consider your options. With Rhino Pro Flooring you will have the peace of mind that your completed floor is of high quality workmanship and materials without the hassle and stress of self-installation that has a high probability of troublesome and costly corrective measures. It is always our goal to provide you with outstanding flooring solutions that beat industry standards.

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