Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cost Comparison

What's the cost comparison for Rhino Pro Flooring polyaspartic versus something like vinyl tile, ceramic tile or the newly popular interlocking industrial garage floor tiles?

Polyaspartic coatings for residential use are cost effective compared to tile in many ways. Consider the cost of one 12 inch square slate of tile from one of the major home improvement stores...lets say one tile costs $3.50 and you want to do a 15 ft X 30 ft space, now add the cost of grout, adhesive and installation. By the time your new floor is installed you've spent a minimum of $7.00 per square foot, if not more, and that's a conservative estimate.

For interlocking tile we've researched and found prices to be between $2.79 to 9.35 per square foot, un-installed and before taxes, so by the time we add installation and taxes your looking at a minimum of $5.00 per square foot!!

Depending on existing surface conditions your new Rhino Floor will price in well under typical flooring options and will outlast them with proper maintenance. Many of our floor treatments can be had for between $3.00 and $4.00 per square foot, including installation and tax. That price can decrease or increase depending on square footage and other factors.
In a commercial setting our coatings are equally unbeatable for more reasons than just cost because when you choose Rhino Pro Flooring for your flooring needs you have already won half the battle by preventing slip and fall accidents in your establishment and their subsequent lawsuits. Did you know the average lawsuit from a Slip and Fall accident that goes to litigation costs on the average $100,000?

Rhino flooring options are formulated for long lasting durability which far exceeds that of traditional tile flooring. If Firestations, Ford, Honda and other dealerships use it for their mechanics and auto body shops how much more wear will you get out of it in your home or business? If popular restaurants all over use it in their commercial kitchens how much better will it serve your needs?

With many colors, textures and products to choose from it makes sense to choose Rhino Pro Flooring for your new flooring needs....besides, concrete stain, faux terrazzo and seamless polyaspartic coatings have recently become the en-vogue thing to do so why not increase the value of your property by adding this remarkable flooring to your home or establishment!

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  1. I generally prefer hardwood, it just looks nicer in my point of view. I actually just got my flooring done by and they did a great job, I've never had such beautiful, wooden floors.